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Jan 31, 2022
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Just signed two new client and they were getting verified with postcards, and I went to enter the numbers and it said I couldn't for both? What is going on with these folks?
Thanks for clarifying. Last time I ran into that message I reached out to Google business profile support and I think they were able to help.
I will be honest Google business profile support has been worthless. They just copy and paste same message over and over. I have NO love for Google support what so ever.
If you have already tried to contact support about this issue and they have been unhelpful or unresponsive than the next step is to create a post over at the Google business profile forum where you can provide the details as well as the case ID from your unsuccessful support interaction.
Thanks for your help but the damage is done. Lost two clients do too Google and there lack of support. From now on I will advise clients to do there own or go to Apple.

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