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Aug 14, 2018
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Anyone else feeling super sad about Google product posts going AWOL? I have a few clients that aren't don't have Products (Beta) in their GMB dash and they have all lost the ability to add product posts. They still have their old product posts showing in the 'products' tab in mobile - but these are no longer editable via the GMB dashboard:


So - it's nice that they are still there, but as they are no longer editable we won't be able to update prices when they change, or update any other product details - so I'm guessing they'll need to be deleted (if you care about consistency between GMB and the details on your website) at the point. I haven't deleted any of these yet but I'm guessing once you delete them all you'll just use the products tab in this instance? 🧐 . Interested in your thoughts, findings and experiences in this!
We noticed the other day that the product posts were different. They aren't even an option if you don't have the Products (Beta) in the dashboard as you said- but they are still an option if you do have it.

It's weird though because if you do a Product post now it actually does not show up as a post at all; it goes straight into the "Products (Beta)" section under whatever category you choose. I'm hoping they will update it to link the 2 together to where it does the usual product post but also adds it into the Products section, but right now it is only going to the Products section and not actually publishing a live post.

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