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Dec 8, 2014
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My customer meets all the criteria to use Customer Match on Google Ads:
- at least 90 days of doing Google Ads
- more than 50K USD lifetime spend
- good history of policy compliance
- no history of payment issues

BUT they do NOT have an assigned Google Ads Manager (from Google) and therefore are ineligible. And Google is not accepting proactive requests for managers!

Does anyone have a workaround as to how to get a manager? What a stupid reason to not allow us to use Customer Match... we will reallocate the budget to Facebook if they can't resolve this.
Hey @Digitaldar

The fine print on their policy page for this says

"If you’ve never used Customer Match and don’t have an assigned account manager, your account is currently ineligible to use Customer Match, even if it otherwise meets the requirements above. In the future, we’ll offer an application process for advertisers who meet these requirements and want to request access to Customer Match. An announcement will be made when the application process becomes available. "

So you will likely have to wait till they rotate their reps around again at the next quarter, as I doubt they will have an application process set up soon.

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