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Sep 5, 2013
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I know it was said that Google Adwords was coming out with the local extensions. But am I reading this right that you can only manage Adword campaigns in the same account as a verified Google My Business? Forgive me if this thread is a dupe, please delete if so.


Close. My understanding of the change is that now you can only manage location extensions for a given AdWords campaign if you use that same account for Google My Business.

(Which sucks. As I'm sure you know, you used to be able to hook up location extensions across accounts.)
That's a good rundown you found, Robin. Thanks.

At the risk of saying something that was obvious to others all along: it seems that one upshot of this is Google will have location extensions running by default for all businesses with linked/shared accounts. Rather than having to go into the Extensions tab and enable location extensions if you want them to run.

That would be consistent with Google's recent rollout of dynamic sitelinks.

Google seems extension-happy, and wants you to use them even if you don't know what they are or that they're running on your ads. (Not that that's entirely bad; they are effective.)

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