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Oct 8, 2012
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Hello local search friends,

My personal emphasis is more on the content creation side of SEO and all the recent talk of the growing importance of the Google Author Ranking seems like it could change a lot in the way SEO and content marketing work.

I just wanted to get a thread going to see if anyone here has opinions or suggestions yet related to Author Rankings. Have any clients brought it up? Has anyone brought it up with clients to offer suggestions on best practices?

I'd love to hear what others are thinking and doing about it!

Kristen Hicks

Austin Copywriter
Austin Copywriter | Copywriting and Online Marketing
We've actually had some conversations recently regarding Author Rank in this forum. I think you can find some of the links to those threads towards the bottom of this page, Kristen. I don't think most average small business owners know what Author Rank is. When I build sites for my clients, I always recommend that we create a blog and that they/we create good, relevant content on a regular basis. I explain to them why that is so important, and I'll also explain a little about Author Rank at that point and set them up. But as far as clients asking ME about it? No, hasn't happened yet. Of course, some small business owners may be familiar with the rel=author tag if it's something that's important to their particular niche or if they are already blogging regularly.

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