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Jun 28, 2012
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Google Discards Duplicated Reconsideration Requests
by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable
Apr 29, 2020

Google's John Mueller said it is a waste of time to submit an additional reconsideration request after you already submitted one. Google will discard any new reconsideration requests he said. So submitting a new one, won't help you. John said on Twitter "If the last reconsideration request is still pending, submitting another one won't make it be processed faster -- the new ones will be discarded as duplicates instead."

What if you find new issues that you didn't send in your reconsideration request? John said don't resubmit, just fix them. "If you find issues that you can fix in the meantime, I'd still fix those, even if you don't resubmit," he said.

^^^ What does "reconsideration request" mean in this context?
Yeah, manual action. Which is rare. You have to fix the issues and submit a reconsideration request. People would submit many because Google can be relatively slow in processing them.

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