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Dec 18, 2018
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Hi everyone! I got a question for you. How do you get events in Google Events? I know it's not through the posting section in GMB. I have read a lot of articles trying to figure this out and they all say different things (Event Schema, Facebook event, other event planning third parties). I may just be wording the question wrong. IDK. I'm hoping some of you know!
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They pull from multiple places - Eventbrite, Facebook and onsite schema markup for sure.
Mostly through schema but there is a beta that allows you to add them with the Google Maps app. It's pretty cool but not overly easy to use if you have to post a ton at once.
We've had it show up for some events that we've held at the office. I don't know WHICH worked, as we post both at the same time, but here's what we've done;

Made a blog post in our site with the event and added all SCHEMA to the post
Shared the post in GMB Post with a link for Sign Up Now
Created an event at Facebook, and in the body, linked back to the Post for more info.

When we've made the event, usually we're building it 3-4 weeks out, so we have to re-post on the GMB post several times - but it's shown up in the knowledge panel when we do the above.

Maybe SCHEMA is all that's needed. Maybe it's Facebook. I don't know as we post both at the same time :(
This is all super helpful! Thanks everyone
The worst is when a third-party event that's being hosted at a restaurant (etc) shows up as an event for that restaurant.

Example on a local restaurant:

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