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Oct 22, 2019
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Hi Local search fam,

So to give some background, Google has recently disabled a local landscaping company I'm working on for really no apparent reason. When setting up this GBP (which was done about 1 year or more ago) I made sure to follow all best practices and since it's a SAB I even have the address hidden. I submitted the reinstatement form yesterday and hope this gets resolved. I just find it SO Incredible that Google chooses to mess with businesses that do absolutely everything to follow Guidelines and yet other businesses that time and time again don't aren't even touched. It's honestly hard to be an SEO with this occurring. Can anyone give me some peace of mind that this will be resolved?....I'm freaking out!!...lowkey about to go to the darkside and do some blackhat smh
It's hard to be able to give you any insights or peace of mind without knowing the details about the business and how the listing was set up. One thing to keep in mind is that the reinstatements can take up to a week or more to hear back from the reinstatement team after submitting the form.
Completely understand, Colan. Thank you for your response. Let's assume all is well in the listing...would you say Google will accidentally flag listings?
@Stefan Somborac Hi found this article and was wondering if perhaps you could help me out with my situation as its been past 2 weeks now and this is a small local business that relies heavily on the organic side of traffic due to the low budget they have.

I have already taken the necessary steps
- Submitted the reinstatement form
- Reached out via again via the contact form

Again its been passed 2 weeks so this client is super stressed and need this taken care of ASAP. Please it would be much appreciated.

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