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Mar 4, 2021
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Hey Guys,

So i have put together my first report for a client using a GMB insights api .

Feb 1- March 3rd vs March 1st - March 31st - Some strange findings and hoping someone could provide any advice / insight please?

Searches Up (Direct 9% , Branded 1% & Discovery 5% )

Views Up (Search 7% & Maps 40%)

Actions Down ( Clicks - 33%! & Calls - 8% ) Directions are up by 7%

Why with more views & more searches would Clicks be down by so much and calls down too?


I would ignore views completely. If searches are up but clicks are down, it just means they are showing up more but people aren't clicking on them more. If you look at the search queries report you can try to dig into some of the keywords that have the highest volume to see who they are competing with.

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