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Nov 13, 2014
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We have a local HVAC company as a client and we are using CallRail to track their incoming calls. In their GMB listing, we had the dedicated CallRail GMB number as the main number and their real phone number as the additional number. On multiple occasions over the last month, Google has removed the CallRail number and replaced it each time with a number that does not call into the business.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?
If you share the listing and the number I would be happy to research it for you.

Thanks, but I've already changed the number back to their main number. The client is unhappy about missing calls and decided to cancel their CallRail service. So, the number that now appears is their main number.
It can several issues, a 3rd party citation with the wrong number has access to GMB, Google has incorrect data in their end or a user keeps suggesting an edit. Since it’s not the call rail number and the landline, I seriously doubt it’s call rail’s doing.
We've had that CallRail setup for many listings and never had that issue.

It's possible that some site out there has the wrong number and associated with your business and Google is updated the listing from that. If you perform a search for 'business name + wrong number' you might turn it up. If this is the case, then the problem may continue even after you put the main number as the primary since that would be the source.
So after some digging I found that there were 3 sites showing this other phone number as the number for the business: WhitePages, B2BYellowPages and Birdeye. I was able to change the number on B2BYellowPages. WhitePages and Birdeye both want you to pay to make the changes. WhitePages uses Yext, I think and the cost is $99/year while Birdeye costs $99 per month.

Could the WhitePages listing be what is triggering the change in Google? On that listing, only the business name matches what we have in Google. The address is wrong as is the phone number.

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