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Dec 19, 2018
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I have a client with a moving company in both Portland OR, and Phoenix AZ. The keyword planner for both Google and Ahrefs shows more volume/ clicks for search terms in Portland by a decent amount, even though their Phoenix location is almost double as busy in comparison to the Portland location.

The real estate markets in both cities are very active (obviously before COVID). I was assuming just by sheer population that Phoenix would have a much higher search volume for prominent keywords just based off of the population (5 million for Phoenix metro VS 2.5 million for Portland).

Possible that I am getting incorrect data from the keyword planners?
I didn't think you could get regional results in Ahrefs, I thought it was strictly Country level (unless maybe you can get more specific when using the Rank Tracking which can go down to city level?)

Depending on the phrase being used we see different numbers in different cities/regions in Google Ads. The use of "house" vs "home" and "homes" will all differ in numbers, then it's a matter of grouping so you get a little more idea on terms or categories to focus on.

I generally use ahrefs for looking at competitors as it seems to do a better job, but then use Google Ads to filter down on city level for better accuracy. (as accurate as the data presents anyway)

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