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Jun 28, 2012
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Jade just posted a new help doc for problems when trying to verify your Google+ Business page.
(AKA merge your G+ L page.)

Issues with merging the local business/place page in Google+ and the local Google+ page (with reviews)?

Wondering whether you should attempt the merge/verification? Read this post first. More information and FAQ on the original announcement post.

Help! My social local Google+ page (that I made in the local business/place category) has been verified but doesn't seem to have merged with the correct reviews.

Submit these pages to be merged as duplicates here, selecting, "There is a duplicate listing that I would like to have removed."

The social local Google+ page I made is stuck in verification and still says "In progress" after over a week.

A handful of pages appear seem to be stuck in verification, and we're working on getting them out. Sit tight!

The PIN I received isn't working.

Make sure your business location is findable on Google Maps. Go into Google Maps and type in the exact text you have as your address on the page.

Make sure Maps can find your location without needing to go through any"Did you mean...?" links.

Make sure no information on the page is set to "Private."

Don't change any info on your page in between requesting the PIN and entering the PIN. Request a new PIN if possible. If you can't request a new PIN, contact support via the Google+ verification troubleshooter.

I'm getting a 500 error when I try to manage the verified/merged page.

Report to me on this thread

This is a known issue the team's trying to pin down.

There may be a workaround. Try accessing your page through (as opposed to the usual Google+)

I'm getting a 500 error when trying to verify the page.

Report to me on this thread
Team's aware and working on a fix.

I had to LOL at Jade's title because even Google has a hard time trying to explain this stuff!

In my title I was simply going to say something about Google+ Local "MERGE" problems. Then I realized that could sound like the 'other' type of merge problems.

So then was going to say "VERIFICATION" problems, but realized that could be perceived as verifying your Place page problems as opposed to merging/verifying the Google Places/Google+ Local page with your Google+ Business social page. :p LOL! And we wonder why everyone is so fricking confused!!! :rolleyes:
I'm inclined to advise waiting, too! (The guide to upgrade post's got more details.) Just wanted to drop by to say that I've been updating the issues post all day so there should be more information on there, now.

(And, oy, coming up with the post title was quite the trip.)
Hey ya Jade, thanks for catching this post and stopping by to give us an update.

I'll update the 1st post to reflect your changes.
Sorry late for Dr appt and formatting got weird. No time to fix. Please click link to go read Jade's thread at the forum above.
Sorry back now. I was sooo late for Dr and the formatting kept messing up the page. Fixed now.

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