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Mar 27, 2015
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Has anyone else noticed a sharp increase in the key Google Location Insights metrics? We manage several multi-location programs and are seeing a marked increase in Profile Views, Photo Views, Website Clicks, Driving Direction Clicks and Phone Call Clicks across all types of businesses and geographies.

Below are some examples:


I have some theories including, but not limited to:

1. The work we are doing is helping their exposure.
2. The daily interaction we have with the location data is having a positive effect on Google?s confidence in the data.
3. Google is increasing the importance and access to this local data across their properties. Specifically mentioned are Google Search, Google Image Search, Google Maps, Google Maps for Mobile.
4. Google Location Insights only shows ?significant values?. This is determined at the location level. If most of the locations are below this threshold, then the total skew low. If, because of the reasons above, a large number of locations rise above the ?significant values? threshold, a spike will show in the roll-up data.

I would be interested in hearing from the group. Do you track this information for your clients? Have you seen a jump in performance metrics? If so, theories?

GMB Analytics Issue.JPG
I don't have access to enough data to add value here. But those numbers are shocking. Especially the click to call numbers. Wow. I love to see the local and regional bumps being so much higher than the national brands. I suspect that point #4 is the key. Much of the GMB info seems to be unavailable at low levels of activity.
I have been seeing increased insights for a lot of our clients since Google gave the insights dashboard a facelift a couple weeks ago. Not sure if it's connected or not.
I am seeing significant increase in Insight numbers as well - almost as if before they weren't tracking correctly...I just hope they are accurate. I do not see a correlation in increased traffic from google+ as a referral in analytics, however. Is anyone else seeing an increase in g+ referral traffic in their analytics?

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