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Nov 6, 2013
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Is MM not working for you? I've been trying to report a spam listing and it won't pull up at all. I'm double-checking to make sure I'm in the right location but for the life of me can't pull the listing.
Yes it is. I was able to see SABs hiding addresses last week. How can I report if I can't pull it in MM?
To my knowledge Blake, hidden address SABs have not shown up on Map Maker for quite some time. I think it was probably a fluke that you could see some of them. Unless there's some kind of update rolling out and things are changing so results are inconsistent?
Hmmm, just checked plumber San Marcos California, because I know several of them have hidden addresses. And yep a couple of them are showing on mapmaker.

If they don't see it by tomorrow, I'll try and remember to ping Joy or Colan to see if they know.

But I'd also post at the mapmaker forum and see if anyone over there knows what's up.
Blake, if it's not on MM you can report it VIA Google Maps.
Blake, can you share the page URL?
Thanks Colan, that worked. I reported the business as not existing at that location. Wish I could give an explanation vs just saying it's closed.
You're welcome. Was there a "spam" option when you reported it? Normally that is one of the options you can select as a reason for reporting.

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I've noticed that unverified SAB pages can still sometimes show up in MM (not sure what governs that) but that verified SABs should never show in MM, unless there's been a very recent change I haven't picked up on yet.
Listings that show up in MapMaker that appear like SABs are probably scraped from other sites. If the address was hidden in GMB it should not be in MapMaker at all, only in Maps.

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