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Jul 25, 2013
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Hi all, could you please explain to me why the results in Google Maps and 7 pack are different. I have a client that appears on 3th position in Google map, but not in the pack. I am confusing.
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Hi Dani,

There are a variety of reasons this can happen. Often it's a penalty.

I've even seen listings rank #1 in maps but be disconnected from the 7 pack. It's like the algo won't let listings with certain penalties blend to show up in the pack.

Or other problems can cause it too.

Can you check their PURE organic ranking in AOL search, just for their main KW and let us know where they rank?

If they are top organic, high in maps and within the centroid for that search but just are locked out of blended it's normally a penalty.
Linda, They are on 9th position for "murrieta dentist" in AOL organic search.
I haven`t used keywords or the town name in the description also.

I have been working a few month on this client. Now they moved higher, but only in Google Map. What kind of penalty is this. I haven`t do anything wrong. I don`t understand what`s going on.
What keyword phrase are you searching to encounter this issue?
You are ranking in the #10 position on maps for "Murrieta Dentist," which would explain why you aren't in the pack listing.

Send over some examples so we can see whether or not you've been penalized!
Hi mborgelt, yes the keyword is "Murrieta Dentist". When I am searching in Map they are on 3th position. Even the Brightlocal report shows the same.

I also decided to check for dupes one of their competitors that shows in the pack and found out they have 5 dupes of their doctors. All links pointing to the home page and listed in category Dentist. Look here

My client`s dentistry has two listing of doctors that pointing to doctors page to prevent competing with the main practice. This is also weird.
competing with the main practice listing
Hi dani, got your email last night and haven't forgotten about you.
Sorry, tied up for the next couple hours and then will reply.

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