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I'm still seeing it as the #107 so let me know when you see the change go live.

Yeah so I made the change back on Friday to STE 107 which reflects in GMB, but it's not live still.... The last change was applied nearly instantly... I don't know what is going on

That's not surprising. GMB often doesn't translate addresses properly to Maps. Do you want me to manually switch it on MapMaker and see if that changes anything?
That would be great. Anything to see if we can fix this!

Okay, it's updated. I would wait a day or 2 and let me know if you see any change.
Fascinated to see what happens here.

Just further proof that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" seems to almost be rule #1 in Local SEO.

Also, Possum is a jerk. Joy, you know I'm on a crusade here, so forgive me, but has there been any dialogue at all with Google about how these filters are affecting local businesses whose worst crime is moving into a building with a similar business already there?
Google won't discuss anything when it comes to ranking, so no :/
So it has updated with the street number appearing in front of the address. Not really how it appeared before.

Partial panic is starting to set in, but I know it's a game of time :eek::eek:

Rankings still hurting

Okay, it's updated. I would wait a day or 2 and let me know if you see any change.


Clearly still being punished by Google :(. The listing is now coming up as the STE #, Then address. From what I've read this is the European/Rest of the world's address model.

Is there a way we can get it back to Address, then STE #. My GMB updates did nothing, only your mapmaker edits took.



Sure, I undid what I added so it should be gone now.

Can you see if my company is showing in maps please?

APEX Medical Reimbursement Solutions



I replied earlier on this thread after I checked for you guys.

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