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Paul Gregory

Sep 5, 2020
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So, for a fun weekend project, I am attempting to roll my own version of a local rank grid report (a la FalconEyes or LocalViking).

I already have a pretty good handle on the Google Maps Places API, but in implementing it I have come across a question:

What is the default location bias search radius in a basic Google Maps search?

When you query the API and specify a Lat, Long pair for returning relevant search results, you must also include a radius (in meters) to bias the search results around - between 0 to 50,000m (~31 miles). This begs the question, what is the default behavior?

Or in practical use, when I search from my iPhone in Google Maps, what is the radial distance from my assumed location that Google is using to bias. the results?

Just curious if anyone here had any insight on this. Thanks in advance! :)
I would think setting the radius to the smallest area possible is the way to go since you are plotting a grid point.

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