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Aug 23, 2014
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Several weeks ago I saw a "get a quote" button on mobile on the Knowledge Panel for Sterling Sky. It's connected to the GMB messaging feature. Now I'm seeing it on desktop searches too and the button is huge. I'm not seeing it for many clients yet which makes me wonder if it's category specific. Can you post examples of business types you're seeing this on?

Oh my gosh - that's a BIG BUTTON! To see the quote button you need to be logged into your google account, because the get a quote feature using the GMB app and the Google Maps app as the platforms for the communication exchange. Right? This makes me think they might also enable messaging for logged in users via desktop too - so look out for that! What do you reckon?
Claire Carlile showed hers in the UK and it has slightly different wording. I'm seeing the US & Canada show as "Request a Quote".

Just checked a handful of listings and not seeing this appearing in the land down under. I guess this is GMB doing another push to get people using the Messaging feature? Seems like being available solely on Mobile (hidden behind tabs) was a bit of a flop.
I see the "Request A Quote" on my own company's GMB profile in Search, but not in Maps.
I see a "Get a Quote" for my client. They're in Canada and are in the Party Equipment Rental Service industry.

Seeing them in Maps as well - with a white oval fill with blue borders instead of this blue in desktop.

I see it on both mobile and desktop. I just checked my own listing (SAB) and there's one for that too, although it's connected to my Gmail account rather than my business email.

(Incidentally, while I was there, I noticed a couple of bits of information they were requesting that weren't there when I set it up... a reminder to check your own listings periodically to see what has been added since you last checked!)
See it on mobile & desktop - Internet Marketing Services - with Messaging only active on 1 listing. Also didn't see 'em until after I enabled "Web & app activity"...while submitting a change request to social profiles in KP.
I've only seen this on desktop so far -- for a landscaper and an HVAC/air conditioning contractor, both in Ontario.

Both times it was shown to me by the same person and I was not able to reproduce it on my own computer until I checked again today (when I saw your thread). I was shown the first example about a month ago, the second one a few weeks later, so they've been testing it for a while it seems.


Has anyone seen this for any doctors or lawyers? Curious what the CTA text would be for them - if it shows at all - especially considering they already have an appointment URL option.
This is interesting: I see that button on my own company listing when I'm logged into Chrome in a non-incognito window as myself. However, I do not see it when I'm logged into an incognito window with any other gmail account. My company's primary GMB category is Internet Marketing Service.

Odd, huh?
I also do not see it when I'm logged into any "normal" chrome window when I am logged into a gmail account that has nothing to do with my own company's GMB listing.

That makes sense because if you're not logged in, Google wouldn't have a phone number that they could send the conversation to when the business replies.
Hello All. After reading through the back-and-forth involving this new messaging feature, "request a quote", it seems there is no real architecture in place for this quite yet and it is merely in the "test" stages for specific industries...Am I correct? A "bank" customer asked that I look into it and it seems that it does not necessarily apply.....
The majority of you probably know this already. But I ran into a serious roadblock for potential customers yesterday:

The customer searched my clients' brand in her desktop, clicked the "Get a Quote" button and left a message. My client responded. But since the customer did not have her google account attached to her phone's Google Maps, she did not get a response.

It would be great for Google to also send the message to her Gmail. It's just a wasted opportunity for us and a possible misunderstanding to the customer.
I see it as "Get a Quote" in the US. "Request a Quote" sounds a little more polite so that's probably the Canadian version. ;)

Think of the FUN we could have if the button was customizable!

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