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Jun 28, 2012
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Remember, in a not so distant past, when Google would email Google Places summary reports?

Mike Blumenthal just announced they started sending new email reports for GMB.

He shows a screenshot if you have not seen one yet and adds his insights.

<a href="">Your Google My Business Performance Report for September 2014
Understanding Google Places & Local Search</a>

Google is sending out a new My Business Report via email to verified owners of listings. The report is attractive with meaningful calls to action to visit the My Business or to contact Google Help even if the report is glaringly inaccurate.

What do you think?
Have you gotten any reports yet?
christian jurgensen at the Google forum just offered some good feedback about the reports presenting a problem, for multi-location businesses.

<a href="!msg/business/QWac26y4NJg/wuZg1E-Os7gJ">RE: Your Google My Business Performance Report's</a>
I received my first "Your Google My Business Performance Report" email this morning. I think they will be a great tool. But, we have a business with many locations, each with a business listing. Since the company name is the same at each address the emails we received were all identical. The subjects are all the same and the content of each email is the same (save for the number of people who saw the business and asked for directions). There is no information contained that would allow us to quickly ascertain which location we are reviewing data for without clicking the link to view details. As you might imagine, when you have 450 locations that isn't terribly practical.

Will you be adding the address information or some other unique identifier(in the email body and/or subject line) that would make it easier for businesses such as ours to quickly figure out which location we are reviewing?

I shared his feedback with Google and escalated his post.

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