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Nov 28, 2012
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Local Search Results embeded in the Main Google Search Results are not displaying Google + Page links in all European Countries, as they do in the US, if your browser language is set to anything else than English.

France :
Italy :

This isn't very handy since only the link to reviews is shown when a business has reviews (which opens the review popup). It only displays the Google + Page if there are no reviews!

If you switch your browser language to English in any of the European Google versions then Google+ pages are shown in results!

Any ideas of what is the best way to report this to Google?



Ahhh, that's a different issue than I thought it was based on your original PM to me.

Can you post this with screenshots at the Google and your Business forum?

Then post the link here so I can find it.

We are all in meetings with Google today so won't have time to do anything now. But if no one else escalates it, I will try to tomorrow.
Thanks I escalated.

Plus Joy that replied is at Google HQ now. I'm supposed to be there but can't travel.

But they are crazy busy in big meeting so not sure she'll get a chance to bring it up so I would not expect an answer until tomorrow.
Thanks Linda,
At least now they know about it! Let's see if they can get it fixed... It clearly would improve the search experience for local listings all over Europe (and maybe ROTW too!).
Saw that. Probably would have been better to bump the existing thread.

Sorry I could not help more. Some Qs we just don't get answers on.
I could not, it was closed.

I consider this to be a serious issue in International Markets for a better brand engagement on Google + and I am amazed they are not doing anything about it!
With the big management shake up at G+ and all the changes, I think their attention is going in lots of other directions right now. Not to say at all that it is not important, but in the scope of things, there are lots of other things taking priority I imagine.

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