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Apr 24, 2015
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I have a client that has set up four different business accounts for themselves over the the last seven or so years. The "name" is version of itself in all the accounts, with three different addresses and the same phone number. He's in the real estate business and these identities have flown all over the place.

This has really been a clusterf*ck of biblical proportions. An unending headache, consuming way too much of my time.

This may be a naive question considering the expertise of the forum, but is there a way to contact Google by phone and get this mess straightened out?

Any suggestions?
Yes, there is a way to contact Google - you can start there. With Mapmaker down - I would also recommend doing an analysis on the client's citations and working your way through the tiers of top aggregators to help you clean it up across the board. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you - best of luck!
Hi Paul,

Yes there is direct phone support. It really helps to talk to a live person when you have a "clusterf*ck of biblical proportions". (That used to be one of my fav words!) :p

However if they have a bunch of violations - and having multiple listings or bogus locations are violations. It might be better to get the bad ones out of their dash 1st and try to tidy up a bit before you call Google.

Support has moved all around again. The phone option is a little harder to find.

Have to go to GMB Help.

Then contact us top right. Then answer questions and go through decision tree till you get to "Call Us". Which only is available M- F business hours PST.

So there is no direct route and the route to get there depends on the type of help you need.

Just realize they aren't go to stay on the phone for an hour and clean up a big hornet's nest. So that's why I recommended sort of cleaning up before you call.

Kinda like how I have to clean up my house a little to clear a path for my house cleaning service that comes every 2 weeks. :p

We're happy to help you here too.
Thanks so much for the speedy replies; this headache seems to have no end. This morning I actually went into the tool shed I have in back, shut the doors securely, and let out a blood curdling scream that would shame Linda Blair. I'm thinking of going to Amazon and ordering a punching bag. It's bad, I tell ya.

Linda, how would you recommend I "clean up" before getting on the phone with the gods of Google?
@Paut - I'd have all the GMB url's ready when you call so when they ask you can fire off the numbers at the end of the URL. Also be logged in to one (or all) of the accounts.

Have all variations and the corresponding pages in spreadsheet so you and the rep don't get confused. Because of the nature of what you described above is bad data you'll want to nuke the listings with the bad numbers so make sure you have your "official" page noted and which pages you want to delete.

Then go hit the top 50 citations in your clients country, both Moz Local and Whitespark have a list for this. Do it for each variation of info you have.

After that grab Andrew Shotland's "NAP hunter" plugin, roll up your sleeves, pour a big glass of vodka and start finding and nuking all the junk out there. One. Location. At. A. Time.

Let it settle for 3-6 weeks. Rinse and Repeat as needed.

Good luck!
Thanks so much Mikel. My carpal is fried for the day, so I could not type all that.
And you said it much better than I could! :p

Thanks for the assistance.

Quick question: Could you define "nuking?"

I kind of feel like Little Bill Daggett in "Unforgiven."

"I don't deserve to die like this; I was building a business."

Okay. I'm a little over dramatic. But this has been a monstrous headache. Now, at least, I have a direction to have it taken care of.

Linda, I hope you're feeling better.
Paut Neteru

I would also recommend sharing the business name(s) and/or more details with your questions. Don't worry about others seeing your clusterf*&K. Being new to the process it is going to be difficult explaining your situation without local seo lingo. Sometimes it's easier to just look at the business listing and offer suggestions than try and make assumptions about what is possibly happening.
So glad you pointed that out Cody and so well said! I normally tell folks we can't offer our best advice without seeing the listings.

Paul, local is so complicated that often when people describe an issue and then we dig in and research it, there are totally diff probs than we thought based on the verbal explaination. And sometimes we even bark up the wrong tree and give the wrong advice, because without seeing what's really going on we're kinda guessing in the dark.

So if you care to share links and explain a little more, we can help you better.

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