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Jun 28, 2012
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Been helping a few people in the Google Business forum that are getting continuous bulk upload errors and can't log in to manage their listings.

Here below is one of reports. This thread includes 1 company that has 160 listings, another has 50 listings. They've been having the problem for days/weeks/

System Error We're sorry, but we are unable to serve your request at this time.

I escalated to Google and Jade checked with engineers who said that sometimes happens when you try to manage directly in Places and for bulk you should try to manage directly at "".

But a user just posted: "I still get the message when I try logging into my Google Local Places Dashboard. I've heard that people might get that message if they accidentally violate some rule... I'm positive that I didn't violate any rule but you never know. If I did I'd be happy to fix the issue."

So we'll see if he gets a reply, but evidently the advice to manage directly at "" helped and folks can get into their listings that way.

Here's another with 600 locations: Why Can't I Get to My Google Places Account?

He can get into the account now with that link Jade suggested, but is still concerned and says:

"That gets me to my listings, but it's not the functionality I'm used to seeing. For example, it shows 621 listings and my last bulk upload only has 560. Typically, I would export the list from Google to see if there might be duplicates or some I need to delete. Is there a path that I'm missing? And why do I keep getting that error message?"

Will keep you posted if I notice any replies from Google on this.

Anyone here doing bulk? Are you having problems?
:eek: This is not helping to convince me that I should bulk upload rather than set up a whole load of individual G+ local pages - particularly since there is now a beta API for G+ posts and you can use Hootsuite.
So do you have a lot of multi-location businesses? Chains or whatever with more than 10 locations?
So do you have a lot of multi-location businesses? Chains or whatever with more than 10 locations?
No. In fact I was about to bale on new GP projects altogether (too much work for too little reward in the UK) and just do "lead gen", when this 120 location prospect (that we discussed elsewhere) came onto my radar. But I thought perhaps the "economies of scale" of managing 120 locations for one customer (rather than 1 site for 120 customers) would make it worth while.

It also seems to me (although I'm often guilty of flawed thinking) that having separate G+ accounts holds the following benefits:

1. Since G+ pages can rank both in the 7-pack (I know... olde worlde speake!) and also in natural results in serps, then it is better (for main keywords and long tail SEO) to just publish posts and summaries with a local flavour to the "Posts" page. (Also videos & pictures).

2. From a Rep Management POV it is probably better to keep reviews local, rather than have aggregated bad reviews appearing on the "About" page.

3. It safeguards against a suspended/banned listing affecting the rest of the account.

4. Since there is no clear indication as to how or when G is going to have a good solution for multi-locations within one G+ account, why wait?

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