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Sep 5, 2013
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I am so confused, rec'd this in the inbox of one of my clients. I don't understand?

Now when I am looking at his Google Places dash, the two businesses are gone?

Client has two listings. Which I have worked hard to separate, they both had the same number for a long time. Which I finally changed in the dash. Which would never take.

What should I do?

I will say that the Google Plus Pages are still in existence and there seems to be two new Google Plus pages on the Google Plus side.

Also I can go into the Google Plus side and seem to edit the listing coming in from Google Plus. So weird. Does this mean I still own them? But they don't show up in the Google Places dash anymore?


We’d like to inform you that Google Places no longer accommodates more than one authorized owner per business location. Your account contains one or more listings that have been identified as duplicates of other listings and as a result, some of the information you provide will not be shown to Google users anymore.

To get more information or request access to the other listings, please log into your Google Places account.

The Google Places Team


From what I understand, you should only be editing in Google+Local once you've "gone over."

When I've seen that email before, the location ended up having another location (in addition to the installation I was working with) for a specialty service with the same phone and address that wasn't actually a profile that was being managed.

I was able to find it by searching for the phone number in maps and/or map maker. I then reported the "lesser" location as a duplicate to speed the process along.

I assume you've already checked/modified the phone number using GetListed or something similar to fix the phone number upstream? You may want to just do a search for the phone number in the SERPs to see where it is appearing.

Got it. So editing the listing in Google Plus, is the new way everyone is talking about?

In regards to the dupe listings this biz old address had the main number and then they opened a 2nd location.

We made the new address with the main number but there is still a lot of citations with old address & old number.

Also in regards to the extra google plus pages, should I delete them?
Hang on don't do anything yet. It's different than I think you guys are thinking.

And no you can edit in Places dash as long as Google upgraded the listings to G+. Only need to edit in G+ if you manually created a G+ page and merged it, which was not advised.

Anyway what you think is not what's happening so hang tight. I'm really really sick and can't think and need to find a thread and Google docs to explain what's up. Plus and have an air conditioner repair guy coming in 20 min so need to get dressed and stuff.

So hang tight, don't worry and I'll be back with more info as soon as I can. Don't delete anything.
Thanks Colan I was just coming back to see if you were around and ask if you could find that. But could you also find my thread here and post it. Think it's in G+ Local IMPORTANT forum.

Thanks for your help Colan, that's the main one.

That's a super long thread several pages long. Be sure to read this post.

Support explained to him: ""Places allowed you to have multiple owners and underneath the new google+ local structure you're only allowed one owner, so Google picks the oldest (first owner) "owner" from the places listing and makes that the owner of the newly generated google+ local. For the other owners that were attached to the places listing, the system duplicates and populates their places dashboard. These are dead non-live listings but are "duplicates" underneath Google's data and are advised to be deleted to prevent any data issues with your listing."

And here is another thread: <a href="">Google Attempting to Rectify Dual Claimed Local Listing Problems w Email Warnings</a>

So in a nutshell, it could be a dual claimed listing issue where the listing you are managing is NOT the original, so yours is a dupe.

OR it could be that other issue. If you manually created a G+ business page and merged, this mess is the result and is why I kept saying do not manually merge, wait for the upgrade.

Also everyone here REALLY needs to subscribe to the G+ Local IMPORTANT forum so you are always informed about this stuff in advance instead of having to read 10 pages today to try to figure it out. I'm the only one that can start posts in that section and they are ALL G+ L updates, bugs, changes and only the most important stuff goes there, so you won't be bombarded in fact you can set up a daily digest and you'll only get one email and I think only on days when there is a new post in that section.

Go there now: <a href="">Google+ Local IMPORTANT</a> Hit "forum tools" at the top and subscribe so you don't miss anything. And scan that section now too because there is other important new stuff in there too.

Hope with all the reading we've given you Robin you have what you need to figure out which issue is at play here. The instructions Colan linked to at the G forum I think are still a little confusing, so holler if you get stuck and we'll try to help
How strange suddenly all the listings are back in Places.

Maybe it was the way I went to places from Google search instead of using Google Places as a bookmark.

Either way I can see it all now.

It has Two listings that ask for edits and then two additional listings that are unverified and appear to be dupes.

Gosh Linda I sure am glad you are an expert at this stuff!

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