Jul 3, 2012
Joy Hawkins of Imprezzio Marketing, alerted me to this post in the Google forum where a business noted that the Google Places for Business Guidelines do not prohibit the use of city in the category field . Apparently?Google has recently changed the Google Places Quality Guidelines and removed the prohibition against the use of geography […]Related posts:
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  2. Google Places Quality Guidelines Comparison
  3. Google Category Tool Updated To Include new Places for Business Dashboard Categories

Read More at Mike Blumenthal's Blog...

What do you guys think???

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Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Yes I was glad Joy brought this up in a discussion we had with Google.

True, GEO in categories was removed from the guidelines quite some time ago. But I agree with Mike it still often causes penalties.

Good point too that the issue will go away once the new dashboard fully rolls out, because there will be no more custom categories - so no more GEO stuffing.

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