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May 6, 2014
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Hi Linda and troops, it's Shane from New Zealand ... Once upon a time I knew how to have my clients Google Reviews show up in their Adwords. Twas a great way for instant leads while they waited for G+ listing to rank and show the Google Reviews in the Pack.

Anyone know how to do that now? I can't for the life of me figure it out ...
Hey Shane,

I don't do much with Adwords these days but I think if you look for Joy's posts in this thread you'll find some answers.

<a href="">Rock Solid & Simple Google Review Strategy</a>
Hey Linda, thanks for that,

Yeah I had noticed that post, it's 2 years old and things have changed since then, desperate to find someone who knows how to get Google Reviews to show in Adwords the July 2014 way ... any suggestions who might be right up to play with this?
@Alpha Local

The only way to ensure your reviews show up in a PPC ad is through AdWords Express. Which sucks. As of last year, there are "review extensions" in grown-up AdWords, but - long story short - there's no way to ensure that your reviews show up in your ads.
oh dah, 2 years old? haha what a muppet I am, I was looking the join date not the post date

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