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Jun 28, 2012
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As we move more toward Google+ integration and more of your clients verify G+ Business pages, managing social is going to become more of an issue for local search consultants.

I'm not sure if any of you have multiple clients that have you do their G+ social updates and posts, but if you do, the following tool looks like it could be helpful.

Now I admit my focus has not been on G+ so much yet as I'm pretty all consumed dealing with Places/G+L issues - so I'm not aware of other tools that may be out there and how they stack up. But I do know that awhile back certain things I wanted to do, the tools I was using did not yet support G+ integration, so thought as a group we could share any tools that may be helpful.

So here's one I just stumbled across, from Link Assistant, which I believe is a reputable company that offers lots of other traditional SEO tools.

Manage your Google Plus Business Pages at Ease - with BuzzBundle!

The link above is specifically about all the G+ features. If you are managing lots of different G+ social pages for clients, posting for them and want to schedule and manage all the different pages/posts, looks like this may be helpful.

Here is PR that says it's the 1st? So G+ integration may be a brand new component, not sure.

Link-Assistant.Com’s BuzzBundle Supports Google+ Business Pages

BuzzBundle becomes the first desktop social media management software to introduce this elaborated feature; with extended support it previously had for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds of blogs and forums, BuzzBundle becomes truly a one-stop-shop for social media managers.

Here is a link to the full feature set, as the tool supports lots of other social sites as well. Buzz Bundle BuzzBundle is the social media management tool with the greatest coverage of social sites. Gain the biggest outreach with your social efforts. Grow smarter, louder buzz for your brand with BuzzBundle.

Have you seen or used this or any other G+ social tools? If so, please share.
Ah, this is a great resource, and perfect timing, Linda!

I think this will turn out to be one of the most valuable threads on the forum.

Thanks for starting this.
I have been down on social media management tools since I caught wind of a rumor that FB will filter your posts that are made through a 3rd party management tool and not FB directly. I figured this was either standard for all social media sites, or was going to be and so it wasn't worth the effort.

Has anyone else heard anything on this?

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