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I've had a difficult time catching it when it doesn't say that for quite some time. It's like winning the lottery, haha!

The last time I caught Chat available was very early in the day.
I actually just conducted a brief but helpful chat with them a few moments before posting this reply.
Interestingly enough, it's happening again.

I refreshed multiple times and also did a F5 refresh. Nothing. Any tips?
I just saw your message and checked on it from here. It seems to be working. Jump on it! :)
Thanks Tim! Maybe it says that it isn't available if they are already helping someone?
Thanks Tim! Maybe it says that it isn't available if they are already helping someone?

That shouldn't be the case. They have a queue plus I believe they have at least five staff members.
Still seeing "Chat support is currently not available" fairly often. Anything new on this Joy?
Yeah someone told me that yesterday and I've experienced it a lot myself. I'll check in with Google and find out what's going on.
I used it yesterday, it was online, then went offline and came back a few mins later.
Has anyone had any luck at all lately in getting Google GMB chat support? For me, 100% of the many times that I have tried it over the past five days, it has said, "Chat support is currently not available."
Yeah actually brought this up recently (internally) as well and basically when chat is full, it sends that message. If you're seeing it that means they are full. I really think they're understaffed IMO so Twitter is a good backup but you do have to wait a day or 3 to get a response. I still think it's better than phone support. I have not used phone support in years because it was SOOOOO bad.

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