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Aug 23, 2014
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This change, if rolled out, could be potentially HUGE. I'd love to hear if you guys are seeing 2-packs on mobile now or if you still see 3 (not including ads).

I get the feeling if they do roll this out, there will be more clicks for 'More Places'. Only two options feels limiting as opposed to 3.
I am seeing the 2-pack in Ireland in a few categories (screenshots below).

My thoughts: As it's only showing 2 listings, will it make users tap "more places" more often?
Because seeing such a reduced number of options in some categories may make us look for more options.

It is well-established people love options but at the same time there is the "Paradox of choice".
"The paradox of choice is our inability to choose when presented with a lot of options, even though we like to have plenty of choices. The more to choose from, the harder the choice and the less satisfied you are with your choice. " You can check more here: Paradox of choice: why showing less to your customers is more!

Is Google looking for the sweet spot in the paradox of choice (the point where the number of choices is most effective)?
or is Google looking to provide more chances for lower-ranking listings?
or Is Google trying to get more space for Ads?



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