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May 17, 2013
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Check out this new paid pack result that Dr. Pete found:

Spoke with him real briefly about it and this paid pack was the only pack being displayed on that page. While only a test, this has the potential to be a huge game changer.
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I'm kinda torn on it. I like the idea of Google realizing that "organic" local search is a really tough nut to crack due to a lot of things that aren't their fault (crappy data, crappy sites, crappy link profiles etc), and focusing on a way to better be able to weed out the junk. However, being exclusively pay to play seems like a big step back as a web consumer.
Thanks Dan, I've been reading about it too.

Mike posted about it too and there is a discussion going over there:
<a href="">Google Testing Sponsored Home Services Marketplace Snak Paks | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search</a>

We've known this was coming. We've known about the plans Google has to monetize home services and offer a recommendation service, sort of like the new Amazon services.

We just didn't know exactly what it would look like. But could have guessed it would be much like the new hotel booking ad packs.

Still testing, so time will tell.
I'd suggest if one has a local business, and/or provides seo and local seo services to google you have 3 choices

1. Learn to use adwords
2. Find other ways to get traffic.
3. Complain about google as a monopoly on search.

Or maybe all 3.

btw: Our smb's have used adwords for years. Its a delicate balance between high ranking visibility and paid visibility.

Our adwords costs have risen a lot. organic traffic has suffered. Its a very very tough issue...and frankly many of our sites have had really strong organic/pack/local results.

But bit by bit google is turning visibility into a pay for play game. And its a virtual monopoly as a source for local search. And there is no recourse.

Reminds me of the mafia. ;)
I find going after local organic search results (not packs) to be a better ROI for our clients and a better use of their budget then either GMB or AdWords. YMMV.
I find going after local organic search results (not packs) to be a better ROI for our clients and a better use of their budget then either GMB or AdWords. YMMV.

Dan: Having been doing this for a long time for local smb's (pre google maps), I'd agree. Organic results are GREAT. On the head terms one needs links to compete. On long tail...ooooh la la...there is a lot of value there with a lot of content.

Your comments had me look at something for at least one of our smb's. i was trolling back and forth through adwords and keyword data in analytics.

One particular long tail phrase grabbed my attention. A twist on finding a service or products. I found we showed better in adwords across the board than in the pac and/or organic. and dang if the adwords ctr wasn't high.

Hey...I'm hitting that up for some content creation. Thanks for the comment!!!!

but what is YMMV???? :rolleyes:
Also see: <a href="">Blumenthal's Thoughts on Home Service Ads</a>

Plus Dan and Dave, I quoted you from this thread above about your organic ranking comments, in this new thread: <a href="">Local SEO: Which Performs Better - High Pack or High Organic Rankings?</a>
And here's an FAQ from Google:

<a href="">Home service ads - Ads Help</a>

From an agency perspective, creating content for clients is a different ball of wax in terms of work, cost, and as you suggest return. From our perspective as an "in house" agency we know it works. When I provide it outside its expensive. Heck its creative!!!!!

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