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Aug 7, 2013
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We all get bad reviews from time to time. Natasha over at Local SEO Checklist offers some nice tips on how to take care of them. Most businesses don't like bad reviews, but if handled correctly, you can turn things around in your favor.

How to Deal With Online Review Slander

Reviews are a part and parcel of running a business that can really affect your bottom line. The more reviews you have on local directories and other platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare, the more likely you are to get more customers walking into your establishment.

The downside of allowing just about anyone to review businesses online is the increased chances of getting bad reviews from a disgruntled customer, or worse, slander from John Doe. These can negate all the good reviews you?ve been getting from your satisfied customers.
Thanks for sharing that one Justin. Such a hard problem to deal with if it every comes up for you or clients.

For anyone new here that's concerned with reputation management or marketing, there are lots more great posts in our <a href="">Google+ Local Reviews</a> sub-forum.

Any other good tips to share? Or bad review experiences???

Thanks again Justin!
I like to put my consumer hat on when it comes to review strategies. I like to think of "bad" reviews as a great opportunity to differentiate yourself, show off a bit and give customers an idea what your business is all about. As a consumer, I am not really impressed by a ton of 5-star reviews but a great, tactful response top a bad review is more likely to draw me to a business. Great read!
The 5 star review system is inherently broken. It's too simplistic and too easy to gamify (on both ends). Her points are outstanding nevertheless - unless the review is a pure violation, the best thing is simply to reply in your very best "customer service" voice.

We're thinking quite hard about changing how reviews are done. If anybody would like to hear (and critique!) our thinking, reach out to me privately.


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