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Jun 28, 2012
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I often refer to Places Scout as the Swiss Army Knife for Local! Modules include: Local Rank Tracker, Competitive Analysis, Client Finder, Citation Finder, Local Keyword Generator and Reputation Management.

In the past I have focused on the Local Rank Tracker and the new Reputation Management Module.

Today I want to focus on the competitive analysis features which are found in the "Find Local Clients" module. This section be used for prospecting OR competitive analysis. But since I never had a need to do prospecting I primarily focus on the competitive analysis features.

Have a new prospect or client and want to QUICKLY size up their market to find out exactly what it will take to get them ranking for that city + keyword? OR having trouble getting an existing client ranking? Check the top 10 listings in their market so you can see exactly what their competitors have going for them that your client is missing. Then get to work on building your client up! :p

TONS of features, too many to explain. So instead of writing a book, I'm going to let my friend Mark Kabana, the developer explain it and show you how it works.

Places Scout Competitive Analysis - Find Local Clients Video

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

(NOTE: the video above was shot about 2 updates ago and several new features have been added and current menus may be just a little bit different.)

Here are just a few of the competitive analysis points you can see at a glance with Places Scout.

Places Page Owner Verified Status

All Places Page Business Data: Name, Address, Phone, Categories, # Reviews, Rating, Photo/Video Count, and More

Number of Citations - Average Citation Rating (e.g. the average online reputation of the business)

* Distance from City Center

Complete Off-Page and On-Page SEO Analysis, including:
Google Page Rank of Business Website
SEOMoz Competition Metrics for Business Website
Is Keyword in Places Page Categories?
Is Keyword in Title Tag of Website?
Is Keyword in Website Domain?
Is Keyword in META Description Tag of Website?
Is Keyword in Header Tags of Website?
Is Location in Title Tag of Website?

Complete Social Media Metrics – Number of likes, comments, shares, diggs, ect
AND more!

I know most of you that follow me already have Scout.
Do you use the "Find Local Clients" module very much?
And if so, do you use it more for prospecting or for competitive analysis?

OR like many busy consultants did you kinda forget about this cool feature because you are mainly focused in on using Scout for Rank Tracking???

FYI if you by chance aren't familiar with Places Scout, it does so much more. At that "Warrior Special Offer" link you'll find lots of screen shots and videos that show how the other modules work.
Hi Linda, thanks for the informative post. Been following the status of this software for about 6 months, and we're probably going to pick this up.

I have one question (apologize if this has been answered already) but I watched the videos, and read through the WSO and didn't find anything - If I want to use this to find where a particular clients (say our own) citations currently are, and the rank of each, whether the page is owner verified etc. (much like the local citation finder) is there a way to do so? I would imagine there is, but I just wanted to verify ... thanks in advance :p
Very informative details about Competitive Analysis.clearly mentioned everything.

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