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Jun 27, 2019
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We are having issues with a client of our getting the verification request to go through on a GMB they are setting up. The took over the location address from another business. We have been able to mark that business as closed at the location and taken off Google Maps. However, when we go in to try and set the GMB to get the postcard sent out I am being asked to move the pin before applying. No matter where I place the pin at the address it will not accept it. I have ran across this issue with any other previous client. I would love to know how others have been able to correct it and get the post card sent so we can verify the business? Thanks. I have included a screen shot of what I am getting in the GMB.
GMB Pin Issue Screenshot.jpg
To be clear, are you trying to verify the permanently closed listing?
To be clear, are you trying to verify the permanently closed listing?
We are trying to get our clients business verified at the same address that we had the prior business marked as permanently closed. Since that prior business is no longer in operation at the address. The business our client is taking over the address from was an Auto repair place, while our client who needs to verify is a chimney company. It seems that is there is no longer any business occupying that address on Google that it would be a run of the mill postcard verification process, but we keep getting the asking about moving the pin which is never accepted.

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