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Jun 28, 2012
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Hey guys, big announcement.

I just noticed the troubleshooter is back in action. YEA!!! :)
(Google has not announced it yet or anything so maybe it's supposed to be a secret)

Don't overwhelm support and make them shut it down again, OK? :p

But if you've been waiting to report something or need support, it appears to be up. And I would hope they've gotten caught up a little so turn around time should hopefully be improved.

Chris Ratchford one of our forum members and my partner in one venture was getting ONE DAY turn around replies from support on dupes he reported right before the troubleshooter was suspended. But I know some others in the forum were getting more like 2 week delays.

Please report back here turnaround times to get a reply from support.
Ya I have several consultants I'm working with on various problems their clients are having, who have been backed up waiting for it to come back online.

I just privately asked Google to confirm it's actually working and ready for action. Will let you know when I get confirmation.
One thought, the message on the troubleshooter page for the past week had said "Check back here" in order to find out when they were again available.
Hey Gregg,

Thanks for joining! Ya and most of the time when that message was up the troubleshooter was missing.

Oops it appears I found a back door. The front door through the Places help home page still says closed.

I went through a new link to a fairly new contact us page and the link works there:

So oops. Maybe they aren't ready for support requests again yet. I asked Google via 2 different channels this AM but have not heard back yet.
Sorry forgot to report back.

Jade told me yes it's OK to start sending people to the troubleshooter again. The main support page still does not show the troubleshooter as available and suggests using other means.

But if you go in THIS door it still works. This is a fairly new contact us page I recently discovered.

<a href="">Contacting Us - Google Help Docs</a> - Choose top option for help with incorrect data on listing, dupes, merges, missing listings including chronic do not support location errors.

BUT try posting in the help section here 1st because I may know the solution to your problem and you can avoid waiting for support to get back with you. :)

Awesome news. Thanks for staying on top of this and keeping us informed. This forum is the bomb:)

Travis Van Slooten
Jade got the help home page fixed yesterday, so now it properly links to the re-opened and ready for action troubleshooter.

Google Help Home Page Select "My listing has incorrect information"
I agree with Travis - this forum is great!!! That new link is golden - thank you!!

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