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Jul 9, 2013
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Hey gang, I've had two clients with their Google My Business (GMB) stuck in suspension and have been trying for over two months to get help from Google Support. I'm hoping you have some insight and/or guidance on how to get reach Google Support - besides email (neither chat for any other option is given to me when I go to GMB Help: Google My Business Help).

The first GMB is for a client that has been in business 15 years - just never had a GMB before :) We verified the listing on July 22nd and it was suspended right away. I added the business hours and submitted a reinstatement request on July 28th; which was denied on July 29th. We triggered an appeal on August 6th (Case ID: #2-6552000031425) and received the automated email asking for further details; which we provided.

The second GMB is for a new service-area business. We verified the listing on July 27th and it was immediately suspended. I know SABs can be tricky, so I made sure all settings were correct and business hours provided. I submitted a reinstatement request on July 28th and it was denied on July 29th. Then I submitted a reinstatement appeal on August 13th, then replied to the automated email we received (case #9-8928000031924) with details about the business, proof of address, etc. There has *still* been no reply, despite a few re-replies to the automated Google Support email we received (begging for any response).

I've submitted a plea for help in the Google My Business Community forum for both of these:

We've checked with our Google Ads Support contact and they were going to *try* to escalate the cases, but there isn't anything they can do since GMB Support is a different department.

I understand it's a known issue that there is a delay in responses from Google Support (Known Issue: Potential delay in support times - Google My Business Community) .... it's been that way since last year. I've just not had Google Support ignore us for so long and am not sure what to do. All of the available resources we have to reach Google Support (Twitter, Google My Business Help, etc) direct us to email support! Is there anything else we can do to follow-up on the issue? Any other method?
Looks like the first post was picked up and escalated already. The second post wasn't published (the forum often does this and wrongly flag things as spam) so you need to repost that one. Include less links and it should help it publish.
In addition to what Joy is saying, remove the https:// from links too, that can greatly help.

One other thing, currently support is super backed up, regular help is taking 10 days to reply, sometimes we have to be patient.

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