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Dec 9, 2020
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Hi everyone. My wife and I have a private/personal chef business. I built our website and wanted to learn more about local link building strategies. I reached out to an SEO and he said to concentrate on optimizing my site first, because the way it's site up now, links won't make a difference in local ranking.

Homepage title tag was just the name of our business. I changes this to read "Personal and Private chefs serving the CT tri state area". I feel that these will be the most searched KW's relating to our business.

My original homepage H1 read "dinner just got easier" I've since changed it to " Personal and private chef services" I'm trying to find advice or examples of how to optimize these important factors without going overboard or seeming too intentional or spammy.

As far as service pages I'm trying to figure out if I should make the service, for example "Meal Prep" the H1. So it would be the page title as H1 with the KW I want to rank for, or do I try and optimize the content or copy listed on the page itself, describing the service?

I guess I am looking for ways to optimize the internal pages on the website and how I will know when that is, so I can then start building local links

I am also using a free crawler page audit? and it says I have to 2 H1 occurrences on some of my pages. Is this conflicting? sorry to ramble, but there is so much nuance to this and sometimes it feels like a fools errand. Thank you, Jeff
I'd suggest limiting your use of CT in your content and opting for a few uses of Connecticut. The abbreviations are really jarrying and are quite obviously an SEO thing. You have to keep people who actually read your content in mind as well. How often do you use CT in typical conversation? I don't usually say, "I live in MI."

Also, don't forget to add a favicon! It helps people associate their browser tab with you.

I did find a small grammatical error. The corrected version should read: "Whether it’s a special occasion, a long overdue date night, or a get-together with some friends[...]"

As page speed is becoming a larger factor, I'd run the site through Page Speed Insights (Inspect > Audits > Lighthouse). It says there are a few full sized images in there.

SPECIAL DIETS | Personal and Private Chefs CT | Set For Dinner - I'd really add some pictures to this page. It's very much a text wall. I'd also add small text boxes explaining your philosophy around each diet or something to that effect.
Thank you so much for this!!

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