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Jul 16, 2014
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I've seen a few competitors with homestead listings, want to be able to add the backlink myself.

Here's an example: Real Estate Dallas, TX - Business Listings Directory powered by Homestead Technologies

Some of these listings have links to the website. I called homestead and they told me you have to pay them $100 - 200 a year for a website and a domain, in order to get a link added.

Anyone else attempted to optimize this citation? It's an authority backlink...

They have been on my radar lately and I can not get a new listing there.
Apparently, based on my research, one was able to just create a free account and get a listing there back in the day, but they have changed their system.

I am seriously considering signing up for their "website" just to get a listing/citation in their directory for some of our clients. I could just use the website for a blog or something. i don't believe that new website needs to be a part of the directory listing.
I was considering the same, Thanks! Unfortunate that it no longer is so easy to get a link.
Also, at the very bottom of the page, it shows "Some business information provided by Infogroup" So you may be able to get basic info listed in there by adding the business to the aggregator.

Though I do have one business in there with bad NAP data and have the correct info inside Infogroup and no corrections have been made (it's been over 4-6 months). So not sure how much info they get from there.

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