Nov 30, 2018
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I manage listings for a healthcare system that includes medical group offices throughout the region. Some of the offices provide urgent care services and some do not. One of our listings (Sharp Rees-Stealy Del Mar) ranks in the local map pack for search terms like "urgent care Del Mar" despite not offering urgent care. We have patients show up to this location for urgent care and are understandably upset to find out our nearest urgent care is 15 minutes away.

We see this issue with other non-urgent care offices in our account.

The location landing page does not mention the term urgent care, however other pages in our site do. The listing does not mention urgent care. What can I do to keep these listings from ranking for services they do not offer?


Oct 31, 2019
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Obviously, first make sure there's no mention of Urgent Care associated with this location on your website. I'd also look into both internal and external links to see if there are any links with "urgent care" as anchor text pointing to the location's landing page. Basically reverse optimize your site for "urgent care del mar" ... anywhere you'd typically look to *try* to optimize for that keyword, look to make sure you're not unintentionally optimized for it.

If you don't find anything... I know that this is often abused, so I want to stress that I don't condone using this feature for evil, but this kind of thing is what the "Send Feedback" at the bottom of Google SERPs was intended for. I'd recommend having as many people both within and outside of your organization send feedback - highlighting the Sharp Rees-Stealy Del Mar listing or map pin to let Google know that there's no Urgent Care at that location. The more people who send feedback, the more likely it is to get attention from Google's QC team. I've seen success with this in the past, especially within the healthcare space when it's borne out of genuine good intentions to protect a necessary user experience.

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