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Oct 30, 2015
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How Does One Contact Google? I tried the usual trusty email route via "support" on the GBP dash and all they do now is send you a stock "no-Reply" email that is of NO HELP at all. I have a specific issue involving the "Located In:" portion of my listing that is flat out wrong....Help!!!!
Contacting Google can be tricky. You can try to leave a message on the forums but that's not as reliable as it used to be. What's the issue with the listing? I'm sure someone here has seen and resolved it.
The issue is our GBP listing (as many do from time-to-time) has a blurb in it that says:

"Located In: Headquarters"

The problem is we need this REMOVED as it is confusing.
I'm wondering if this can be resolved with the "suggest an edit" function on Google?

@jrobbins as SeoSaur mentioned, suggest an edit will likely work for this. But before you suggest the edit, I would check the location marker for 1) your business and 2) the listing for the location/place that your showing listed within. Make sure they are both accurate.
If the location markers are wrong, it can make it harder to fix the "listed within" issue.

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