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Feb 22, 2021
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Can someone share some good insights on the topic How Long It Takes to Rank in Local Search? I tried to find some articles on this, and I could find only one by Bright Local, but it is from 2014.
Can someone please share some updated insights on the topic?
It varies GREATLY based on the industry and market size. I'd say the overall range is between days to 6 months.
There's also ranking, and then there's being in the top 3. Very different.

If you're a pet control company, and one of your targets are "bees" then it's relatively easy to rank as most pest control companies handle wasps, not bees. But if you try to target "pest control" it's going to be a long haul getting into the top ranked areas.

But, a business getting listed on maps, and then searching for them by their name, usually that's just a couple of days. It's only then that the real work starts!

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