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Mar 15, 2016
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[h=1]How to Become an Expert For Industry Specific Review Management[/h]
What's the easiest way to sell review management?

You already know the answer. It's specialization. Industry specific review management gives you the ability to develop deep expertise on a particular industry or niche.

Why does that matter?

Competition. Most agencies and consultants are generalists, but the market is shifting towards specialization.


Clients are looking for deep expertise

Read Andrew's full article here.

Andrew goes on to discuss the T-shaped marketer and how he'd suggest approaching a few specific industries for review management.

Do you focus on a specific industry or are you more of a generalist?

Any tips for your specific industry when it comes to review management?



I love the idea of the T-shaped specialist! That was a new concept to me.

When our members click over to read the full post I think they'll discover how to leverage that knowledge to be more successful. Plus of course it covers picking an industry and becoming expert in that industry, something I've always thought was important.

Thanks for sharing Garrett and for writing Andrew!

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