Mar 15, 2016
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How to Create an ORMM Case Study for Your Agency


How to Create an ORMM Case Study for Your Agency

A great case study starts with the right ingredients.

When most of us think of a great case study, we think about something that’s generic – content that is well written, focused on results, statistically valid, etc. Something along those lines. That’s where the problem starts; a great case study is consistent with… itself.

Here’s what I mean. A great case study is all of the things we’ve mentioned before. But it’s good for the client and it’s good for the presenter – you.

What does that mean? We’re showing clients the results we’re able to achieve. We’re presenting the problem and the solution. Still pretty standard so far right? Here’s where we move beyond the traditional case study.

Great case studies create more problems

Every solution, whether it’s a product or service, creates new additional problems. Buy a new car and you now have to deal with tune ups, oil changes and routine maintenance. You create a review management case study and long story short, clients want to hire you. Your clients now need…


Responding to one-off reviews is one thing, changing the collective perception of your business in your industry is another. Dr. Gottman’s balance theory of relationships suggests a 5:1 ratio. Five times as many positive interactions as there are negative.


If overall sentiment for your client’s product is poor, but their ratings average 4 stars or higher, which matters more? Metrics aren’t created equal, they’re goal dependent. The distribution and frequency of new reviews as a metric, may be more important than sentiment if you’re simply looking to minimize damage and vice versa.


Which steps should your client take first? When should they take those steps? Will these steps require any policy or procedure changes?

A great case study serves you and your clients. It ends by introducing and agitating key problems your clients need solved. These are problems that keep them up at night.

Has your agency created a case study strictly for Online Review Management and Marketing? What do you think are the essentials to include to effectively tell the story?

Read more insights from Andrew in the full post.

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Linda Buquet

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Jun 28, 2012
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Thanks for sharing Garrett! When folks click over to read, they'll see this is another meaty post with lots of data and great suggestions.

I have not done a case study in years and when I did, I just winged it.
If I had to do one today I'd have no clue, especially for ORMM.
So this is really great info to have and bookmark!

What do you guys think? Do you use case studies in your marketing?
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