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Hi Chris,

Did you try reporting the photo to Google?

Are you able to find out if there is another account that the listing is claimed in that has that photo?
I was hesitant to click "report abuse" above the photo fearing it might trigger some red flag and suspend the account.

IIRC the client's son previously claimed their places page under his personal Gmail account.

He was very adamant on me cutting bait with the old listing and starting from scratch.

I wonder if this is causing the old photo to show up.

I guess I can contact Google support like it was any other issue?
Well no, if his son did another account then...

A) It's a violation

B) Don't contact support. Only do that for things you have no control over. If his son created an account you guys have control over that.

Since the image is an issue. I would have him delete the image 1st. Save. Then click delete from my account. (Not delete from maps because these listings are merged.)
Thanks for the explanation!

With all the recent updates and my workload- it gets a little overwhelming! :)

Not that I'm complaining!

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