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Jun 28, 2012
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I think at this point we all want to build our following on G+.

Plus if you are helping clients with social OR if clients are asking you G+ questions like: "How I find the right demographic of people to follow, circle and posts to comment on in my local area on G+" then this post is for you. I discovered this awhile back and have used it several times, just forgot to share.

<a href="">Google Plus Search Guide: How to Search & Find People on G+</a>
by Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting


The post is VERY long and detailed and there are several ways to search before you get to the gold nugget, I want to draw your attention to, so I'll point it out below.

We all know how to search directly within G+. But regular Google search is still the mother of all search, so I want to be sure you get all the way down to the bottom part:

"How to Find People on Google+ by Location: X-Ray Search"

o this day, using Google to search Google+ remains the best way to reliably find people on Google+ by location...

Back in 2011, when it came to listing locations on Google+ profiles, they were displayed in the ?Places Lived? section.

?Places Lived? doesn?t exist anymore ? it?s now just ?Places,? and the word ?lived? is no longer there to search for exactly as I did in the past.

However, location information from Google+ profiles is now often also displayed in the summary info at the top of a person?s profile, and it can be listed as ?Lived in ________? or ?Lives in _________? ? you can search for either or both...

That's just a few snippets, you need to click through to read the rest. But below is an example of a complicated search looking for Google Engineers that live in New York. But it includes synonyms for engineer and filters out dupes that show up due to the same info being on the posts, photos, videos pages, etc.

HTML: (?lives * new york? | ?lived * new york?) (programmer | developer | ?software engineer?) ?works * google? -inurl:(posts|about|photos|videos|plusones)

So if you have a need to seek and find people with laser precision by location and/or other specifics on Google+ that's the ticket!


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