Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
BrightLocal has a new blog series going for Agencies and SEOs. Wanted to share the info with the members here.

The 1st one is a Q & A with Brian Childers, the CEO of Foxxr.

Agency Q&A: Winning New Customers ? Brian Childers | BrightLocal

This blog post is the first part of an insightful series of interviews we are conducting with successful & well regarded web designers, SEOs and agency owners.

(Below are the questions - Click through to read the answers.)

Qu: How do you identify potential new customers?

Qu: What tools do you use to help you identify potential customers?

Qu: Which 3 channels are most effective at generating new leads?

Qu: What research do you conduct about a potential client before you meet them?

I carry with me a laminated copy of the Local Search Ranking Factors and point out a few areas where they can improve.

Most folks take one look at that and realize that they need to hire a professional.

Qu: What reports/data/information do you present to a potential client in a first meeting?

Qu: What information/data makes potential customers sit up and take notice? (i.e. which part gets them ?hooked?!)

Qu: What?s the most common objection you get from business owners & how do you overcome this?

Qu: What actions do you take to follow up with a customer after that initial meeting?

Qu: How long does it typically take between pitching to a customer & them saying ?yes? to you?

Qu: What length of contract do you start with? (e.g. 3 months, 6 months, no contract?
I copied the questions and you have to click over to read the answers.

But I shared one answer in bold that I thought was pretty sharp!
Laminate the LSRF if you do in-person meetings! I like it!

How do YOU get new customers?

Any tips to share?
Aug 14, 2012
Great share.

I especially like the idea of presenting the local ranking factors sheet. It is definitely intimidating to those that don't know what they're looking at.

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