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Jan 24, 2020
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I am a residential electrician, but I really enjoy one facet of the work: installing residential electric vehicle chargers. It's great work, profitable, and I just like it. I would be happy to do nothing else but these installations. And the best part as it this sector will continue to grow as electric cars become more viable and less expensive.

Currently my GMB categories are setup like this:

Electrical installation service
Electric vehicle charging station contractor

I don't think it would make sense to remove the top two categories since many people search for an electrician instead of searching for vehicle station contractor IMO (I could be wrong, please let me know).

I know that there are plumbers who only unclog drains and carpenters that only build detached garages. So what I am looking to do is not completely uncommon.

What can I do as far as GMB and my website, etc. to get more calls for this specific installation? FWIW, I do have a service page on my website dedicated to installing car chargers. But those types of services pages don't seem to get many hits from Google, people only find them once they are already on my website.
@DontBiteUrNails - Agreed: you probably don't need to change your categories. You can always make a switch and then, if calls drop off, change back. (Caveat: I'd say there might be a risk of suspension with this.)

I would focus on your website, especially the title tag and copy on your front page. Also, adding a page that goes into detail about the service would likely help too.
Short of changing your GMB primary category, here's what I'd do:
Thanks for the replies guys, I am going to implement everything you said.

But I have one question about this:
  • If any other major listings have a relevant category, make it your primary category on those sites
I don't think I understand correctly. Are you saying that if I see other GMB listings who do this work use a different category, to then use that as my own company's primary category?
@DontBiteUrNails Sorry, I could have stated that better. What I mean is if Yelp or Facebook or Bing Places, etc., have a category like "Electric vehicle charging station contractor," make it your primary category on your listing there.

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