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Honestly - I made it for her to send to ME after she had to tell me "It's in the Guide" about 10+ times.... ;)
I'm going to guess that those of us who know and remember that term "RTFM" may be revealing our age when we say it nowadays... <sigh>
any suggestion how to persuade my boss to spring for the Guide? I'm working so hard at advancing my skills but at a road block with corporate budgets... I can only imagine how valuable it is.
Very interesting questions and indeed I would be interested in the solution, ideas.

At this stage I don't have Joy's book (yet), but any advice would be welcome.
What I'd start out doing if I wanted to search for unclaimed GMBs (I assume for leadgen to find client work?) is to search verticals I'm closest too in my area. For example, I searched "accountant" to get this example and then clicked on "view more" to get into this view below.


If you want a city other than your own just change the search to "accountant columbus ohio" or whatever. Click down the search results and look for the "own this business?" prompt.

It's tedious but doable if you need to find some leads or if you have a VA/intern that can do it for you. Maybe someone else knows of a database or a better way?

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