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Jun 28, 2012
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Wanted to share this awesome list from Whitespark. Nyag just blogged it yesterday.

See my comment at the bottom.

<a href="">Whitespark's List of A-OK NAP Variations for Google Maps & Bing</a>

What are acceptable address formatting variations that won't impact my citation consistency?

This is a question that our clients often ask us. While NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency is critical to a citation profile, there is a long list of abbreviations that will not harm your profile.

For example:

"8902 99 Street" or "8209 99 St"
"James and Sons" or "James & Sons"
"Super Awesome Tire Inc." or "Super Awesome Tire Incorporated"

Google and Bing algorithms are capable of normalizing data, which means that certain address variations are okay. We've compiled a list of these variations for those who prefer to have a reference.

And here is the awesome and helpful list!

<a href="">Acceptable Google Maps NAP Abbreviations and Variations</a>

In comments at the blog post this was asked:

I'm a little confused here. Your telling us that consistency in NAP for your business is critical and to a citation profile, "there is a long list of abbreviations that will not harm your profile".

The reason I'm confused I have heard from other top SEO (AutoRevo Blog | Local SEO Tips & Help For All Auto Dealers) and MOZ that it important that NAP and citation be consistent across search engines. tells you about consistency issues. So this is why I'm a little confused.

My answer, and I hope Darren or Nyag will confirm, is this...

Yes consistency is important. So 1st and very important, make sure that NAP is correct in the GMB dashboard. Then use that NAP consistently across citations.

BUT if certain citations won't accept the address as you input it or change from Suite to #, don't sweat it. OR if you have citations out there where they are slightly off, as in St instead of Street or other acceptable variations, don't sweat it too much either. Just be as consistent as you can with new citations.

What do you think? Handy list to have, right?

And handy info to have to show clients that are worried about perfect consistency!

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Aug 9, 2012
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Thanks for sharing Linda. You're correct with your answer on that question. I answered it on the blog post as well.
Sep 5, 2012
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I like the idea of the post but the biggest issue not discussed in the post that I saw was ensuring that the street name is spelled out fully whenever possible. And that Suite numbers should be on a line or come before the street number with a #before the suite number followed by a comma then the street number. People freak out about how the suite # is formatted when placement is key. Also it is more important that a Address POI is present in Map Maker. By adding one in Map Maker and making sure there isn't a duplicate when saving is crutial to ensure directions, trust and accurate data. Suite numbers aren't used for directions and also aren't placed in Address POIs.


LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I like your suggestion, but I think it would be hard to fit it in our abbreviations compendium. Address formatting (in the sense of structure and order of the address) is, in my opinion, a separate topic from what we were trying to achieve with this resource. It is an important topic nonetheless, and it might be something I could write a blog post about in the future.
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