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Re: Phone Support for Google Local DATA Problems GONE?????

Can't seem to get to the phone support anymore. The link you'd use to get there is now gone. Anyone else having problems? Where did it go?
With regard to phone support I'd like to add an update.

I've used it. Phone personnel were excellent, nice and helpful. I have an account with a wealth of issues, primarily as we purchased a business that had been failing. it came, unknowingly with a series of issues, some of which were google related.

When we initially used phone service some smaller issues were dealt with immediately. That was awesome.

We had one "larger issue". How large or difficult or rare or complex was not discussed. The problem on that one was that it got "lost". In that context it didn't get resolved.

Worse was that we got NO FEEDBACK. That really leaves an smb in a black hole. One doesn't know if the issue is being confronted or not.

That lack of feedback is not like customer service at any other establishment. Its really inappropriate and it leaves an smb out hanging completely unaware if anything is being done.

It took a lot of additional contacting and prodding and contacting and prodding for the issue to get addressed and then resolved.

It took over 7 weeks.

The phone service itself is a big plus. But this is google a massive hugely successful hugely wealthy company. They should be able to do far better. They should at least be like every other company. They should keep you abreast of how progress is moving with the customer service issue.

Its not a lot to ask for. It is what every other company does.
Thanks, Colan. No I wasn't using that. I was using the way in that Linda referenced but that is not there anymore - unless I'm blind. Your way is much easier anyway. Thank you!
They moved it. Depending on which dash you have it's either top right, help, contact us or top right gears.
This is great! I wonder if it will help with a competitor I have that is claiming a listing that isn't his in Orlando. They don't have an office there and essentially just claimed a hotel incorrectly.

Any advice on how to remedy that? I've reported it. Thanks!
Hi Tiffany, I think support will only help with problems on your own listing.

There are a few different ways to report problems, and I don't know which you've tried, but if you need help please start a new help thread so we don't take this one off track and I'll help you there.
HOLY SH*T. I just got off the phone w/ a Google Places CSR named Tim.

This guy is frustrated and talking down to me and is acting pissy. I'm simply asking a few questions about a client who has dups, including a listing with a name of a person who was a receptionist years ago.

He said he can't delete/close the listing because Google didn't create it. After putting me on hold, he explained that this happens when a business owner hires multiple marketing companies like myself.

I stopped and asked him if I've said anything that was out of line- and apologized if I did. He just huffed and said no... being dismissive.

After the call there was an automated survey and I made sure to provide my input about my experience.

I hope Tim is an outlier and not typical of who Google is hiring for their support.
awww that sucks, Chris. It's so frustrating having to take over someone else's efforts. I hope you got it all fixed.
If I'm gonna come here and bitch and complain about the bad ones, I gotta do the same when it's a good experience.

Just had a rep close 4 dups for me like it was nothing. Very nice and professional.

I guess my encounter the other day was w/ someone who had a case of the mondays. *sorry for that one*
That's awesome! What a good attitude!

I was looking at your site, Chris. Very clean. Did you know your BOTW "Submit your site" link doesn't open a new window? Just something I noticed. I, personally, try to get my visitors to keep my site open even if I'm redirecting them. Just something I noticed!
Thanks Tiff!

Appreciate the heads up, as well as the compliment. I've been meaning to redesign, but like the cobbler whose children have no shoes...
Did I just hear 'cobbler' and 'shoes' in the same sentence? Are you guys talking about me again??? :p
My blog and main site are so neglected, ever since this forum took over my life. :eek:
haha, no doubt! Please don't look at my site! lol.

I just realized my local number isn't showing up on one of my pages. Such a bummer. Gotta get in and fix it!
There might be a faster way, but this is how I found the Phone support.

1. Click on "edit Business Information" while logged into your G+
2. Scroll to bottom and click on " When are your edits published Live on Google"
3. Contact us button shows in top right ( Red Button)
Thanks Dusty! That's an interesting way to find it.

The direct route is:
Old dash - help top right - contact us
New dash - gear icon top right - contact us.


I still think this is funny...

When Google removed the troubleshooter from the home page of help under "fix a problem" and hit it behind the "Contact Us" button I told them folks would have a hard time finding it and they should put it back where everyone was used to finding it.

Now you click "help" and under "fix a problem" there is NO option to fix data problems, dupes, missing listings or all the other common problems.The data troubleshooter and phone option is not there.

They said they believed troubleshooter & phone support was more "discoverable" behind the contact us button.

Months later experienced pros that use the dashboard every day are still confused and can't find the support they need.

Another thing I've told them is they need to do focus groups and user testing. Watch how business owners and consultants interact with changes before making them live. Then they'd see that some of the things 'they' think are perfectly obvious and "discoverable" are NOT always to the average user.

I mean, clicking contact us to call a company on any regular website makes perfect sense and is highly "discoverable". But with Google Places, most people don't think you can even contact Google, so I think they just don't look there. Besides the action you want went your listing is messed up is NOT to "contact us" it's to "get help".

So my vote is still that it should have been left under: Help >> Fix.

/ end rant
I agree. I'm also of the belief that they make it "Just Hard Enough" for most people to give up. ok...So I'm feeling really stupid right now. The only way I am finding the "contact us" is through the process I found. Not seeing the gear or Help. I am using the new dashboard.
I agree. I'm also of the belief that they make it "Just Hard Enough" for most people to give up. ok...So I'm feeling really stupid right now. The only way I am finding the "contact us" is through the process I found. Not seeing the gear or Help. I am using the new dashboard.

Don't feel stupid Dusty. Maybe they moved it again. It's a pain to log in to my test new dashboard account cuz I can never find the log in. But when I get time I'll try. I might have missed a step cuz I don't go in that dash often since it's not real, just a test acct Google set up for me prior to launch.
Here's a screen shot I posted in another thread showing where to find it in new dash.


Can you check again and let me know if it's not there and if anything is different than what you see in that screen shot?

Ok...I figured it out. I had to go back to the personal page > accounts > products > Google Places and then your screen shot shows up. The way I found it was directly on the Business page. Either way, it takes a few clicks.

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