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Jan 25, 2019
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I showed up today after a long weekend and my locksmith client is stuck in nowheresville yet again. They keep forcing me to accept all these updates, only now it showe as they are "REVIEWING" my suggestion - IT WAS ALL YOUR SUGGESTION! I WANTED NONE OF THIS. The worst thing is, since it has been "reviewing" I have been getting zero impressions.

This must stop. OH, and long time readers will remember seeing this 2 weeks ago: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner They added an additional 17 services when I went in today. They are a locksmith, they replace locks and provide lockout service, not much else how they need 40 plus services, I'll never know.


just for fun, I screeshotted the list of services. I added maybe 10 of these myself max.

Now that I think about it, is it possible someone is spamming my listing so that it is always getting updated and because of that constant "researching" it never gets updated to show?
just for fun, I screeshotted the list of services. I added maybe 10 of these myself max.


That's a heck of a list - but it's a common list for locksmiths too. Our old locksmith client pretty much did all of those and would LOVE to have all of those listed :) Of course, then building out content for each area in GBP would be a PITA too!!

Not sure if someone is spamming the listing, or if it's Google trying to be helpful. I do wish there was a way to reject the suggestions rather than having to "accept all" and then go back in and delete. That's something that is sorely missed. We had a client who had "suggested edits" including their phone number, and there was no way to accept one set of changes but not the phone number. :(
day 3 and my suggestions still haven't been accepted. No traffic coming in this is not good.

I guess I will fill out the GMB Complaint form.
Update. They called me back and now my stuff is not orange and it is showing up OK.

They do not have an answer as to what happened or how to avoid it, but at least it works for now.
Do you manage the GMB directly? If so, I would make info edits via the dash and not the frontend 'suggest edit' option. Review period seems shorter in my anecdotal experience.

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