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Sep 27, 2012
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Sorry for the million and one questions about tools and such. I'm trying to re-position my service offerings and have been to the grind with research.

Anyone use Ifbyphone services? Looking for general thoughts and impressions. I know they use scripts to serve the number based on the source of the traffic. I also saw that they offer a click to call option which seemed to be a way to get around Google indexing a tracking number which would throw off NAP consistency.

As always, thank you in advance for the feedback.
We used ifbyphone for one client account a year or so ago. I didn't like the interface and thought it was clunky / hard to navigate and setup.

We've since switched to CallRail. Pretty happy with them and they have an option to dynamically swap using js so no worries about NAP pollution.
Thanks for the feedback guys! Does CallRail offer a click to call option? I am glad to hear that there are no issues with NAP confusion. I'm still cleaning up one hell of a mess from tracking numbers being installed on a site and it's been a nightmare.

I have not been able to track phone calls for clients and always relied on their honesty for this information. Having this type of solution is important and I'm upset with myself that I have been in the dark for this long.
Hi John! Thanks for providing this feedback! We just wanted to chime in and say that we have made extensive enhancements to our user interface and our users have been extremely pleased with the changes. In addition, Ifbyphone's next generation call tracking application ensures that when Google crawls/indexes your site, the bots will only see the main business phone number which is the same one reserved for direct visitors. This number is usually not an Ifbyphone number and is the same number that is used in all other local directory placements, which takes care of the NAP pollution. We also have AdWords certified analysts on staff to serve all our customers and help with your accounts! Please never hesitate to reach out with questions: we're always happy to talk!

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